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Top Mark Construction offer a wide range of services- from new home builds, to renovations of any size- rural and residential, give us a call for a no obligation free quote!

After over a decade working alongside our wonderful customers striving for a better place to live, we’re committed to making sure that your new-home dreams become a reality. 


We proudly work with local suppliers and contractors to bring you a finished home you will love, and with our access to the NZ Certified Builders plans, we are able to offer a huge array of housing to fit exactly what you are looking for. 


With partnership throughout the entire building process, this means that we are all on the same page providing a high quality, honest building which will stand the test of time for years to come.  


We strongly believe in ensuring all aspects of the build are overseen and completed by our skilled staff (no teams of different builders coming on site) so that we can be sure that quality is not compromised - EVER.


If you are wanting a team of builders invested in your new home dream, give Mark a call. He would love to hear your plans...

If you have your own set of plans or ideas, we work with a local draughts person who can turn your dreams into plans or if you are needing a set of already made and well thought out designer plans, click here.

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Have you ever thought that your house is in a perfect position... BUT…. it would be amazing if it was only a bit bigger? A bit newer? A bit better designed?


If so, then we can help!


 We have been re-doing, re-mastering and renovating homes since our conception. Whether it's a new bathroom, new windows, new guest wing- we have seen and done them all.


The enjoyment which we get from renovations is like nothing else. It is so amazing seeing before our very eyes, the transformation which can happen to enable people to live where they want and HOW they want.


By moving a wall, extending, or just updating it is truly amazing how much of a difference can be made!


Renovations and alterations means that a building which may still be solid and full of character can once again tick the box of being fit for purpose. It is always a welcome surprise to see how a renovation can completely transform the entire function of a home.

Give Mark a call to help you with your minds-eye ideas and lets getting working together for a wonderful outcome for you and your family.

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